About Us

Edward Pais is a scuba instructor through NAUI and is a Diving Emergency Specialist Instructor through Divers Alert Network. He first learned to dive in Lake Champlain in Vemont during the summer of 2000. He has traveled and dove across the world. Some his favorite spots are the wrecks in Lake Champlain, the East End of the Cayman Islands, SavuSavu in Fiji, and in Monterey in his new home of Northern California. Recently, we have led trips to the Sonoma Coast, Grand Cayman, Mexico, and our annual getaway to the Channel Islands. Currently scheduled international trips to Mexico, Grand Cayman, and the Galapagos.

Safer Scuba, LLC offers instruction of most of the NAUI scuba courses. The most common first aid course that is taught is the DAN Diving Emergency Management Provider course, but we also teach the components of that course independently.

Safer Scuba, LLC sells scuba and first aid supplies. The scuba gear lines include: Edge/Hog, Scubamax, Paralenz, McNett/Gear Aid, SeaSoft, and Global Scuba Manufacturing. First Aid equipment includes oxygen kits and other DAN lines, and customized first aid kits.